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Why some copers consider poker as sport? Lol at poker consider as sport or something similiar to chess.The only reason to be rotting away in the casino surrounded by subhuman filth (both inside and out) is for the high earning potential, but now that poker is dead there is no excuse to put yourself in such a toxic environment.

Dec 9, 2015 ... There is a fine line when considering whether or not something should be considered a game or sport. Poker falls right into that category. ESPN.com: Page 2 : Does poker qualify as a sport? Millions of people play poker, and now they watch it on TV too -- but can you call it a sport? Should Poker Be Considered a Sport? - Sportskeeda Should poker be considered a sport? There is an on-going debate about considering poker a sport, a game or gambling. How is Poker a sport? - Quora

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Why is Poker Considered a Sport. Is sport betting the same as gambling? - Quora Why is poker considered a sport? | Yahoo Answers Sports; Travel; Yahoo Products; International. Argentina; Australia; Brazil; Canada; France; Germany; India; Indonesia; Italy; Malaysia; Mexico; New ... Why tournament poker is a sport - Social Media - RAPPLER Why tournament poker is a sport. Shuffle up and deal ... as a general term, is still considered gambling because of the nature of its gameplay.

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Yes maybe, but it will be a stressless sport lol , an other reason why it could be considered as sport is that poker is a mental game , you must use your brain, so yeah maybe in the next coming yeaars Can be poker considered a sport or not? - PokerGlobal.info

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Should poker be considered a sport? There is an on-going debate about considering poker a sport, a game or gambling.

Introduction to Online Poker Tournaments | Sit & Go's | MTTs There’s a good chance that online poker would never have become the world-wide sensation that it is today were it not for the invention of the tournament Why Poker Isn't More Mainstream PokerListings.com talks with Annie Duke, Stephen Martin and Snowboard Canada's Scott Birke about the things standing between poker and a more mainstream audience. News with the tag poker, page 1 of 1